Nursing my 10 month old –

Hi guys, just wanted to pen down my thoughts about nursing my 10 month old boy. It sure is so different than how it used to be when he was a newborn baby! He is now so much more playful and constantly on move and getting distracted while feeding. But one major thing is Ritwik now needs privacy while nursing (haha instead of me demanding it!). So he just refuses to feed if there is someone present in the room. He will just not latch if he sees someone is watching him..and that includes his daddy too! Except for the nighttime feeding, as he is too sleepy to notice his daddy sleeping right besides him (we co-sleep).

The other day I took him to a mumma room at a local mall for a feed..and he just wouldn’t latch on as there were two other mothers with their babies in the same room! So well ya, my big boy needs his space..and I completely respect that..maybe because now he knows he’s almost a toddler..and is having a mind of his own! Whatever it is I love this guy and his new behavioral traits!

Did any one of you experience a similar situation with your baby? Let me know, I would love to hear your story!


Till then, happy parenting 🙂