My Fave 5 ways to curb our expenses:

So we are on a budget. We are young parents of a 10 month old managing on our own! So here’s my silly way to not go overboard and save some mullah @ the end of the month πŸ™‚

#1: Replace my high end toiletries (read: Body shampoos, Cleansers, Sunscreen, Shampoo, Conditioner etc) with not so luxurious, but good brands – I have been doing this since almost 6 months now! So my 3000 Rs suncreen is being replaced by a 1000 Rs sunscreen. And frankly my skin looks and feels the same, and my wallet is happier than ever!

#2: Cloth diapering – I am a big fan of cloth diapers – they are softer for my baby’s cutsie bum, they are cheaper and more eco-friendly. Read more about my experience with cloth diapering here.

#3: Online shopping – I buy most of the baby stuff online after checking out the best deals and bargains available at that point of time. I have got some really cool deals on cloth diapers, bum leggings and baby cutlery! My fave online sites are the discounted boutiques onΒ and the sales on

#4: Home workouts – who really has the time to hit the gym? Certainly not a new mumma on block! So if running behind my sonny boy does not make me feel that I have burnt enough calories, I indulge in some yoga therapy! Quiets my nerves and is equally refreshing, well and I also don’t have to pay a fat cheque for gym membership and die of guilt if I’m not able to make it to the gym everyday!

#5: Ditch the extra-help: So here in India we have the luxury to hire a help for anything and everything – I had a Massuer to massage and bathe my boy and also an evening maid to help me look after Ritwik whilst I work from home or do household chores. So I decided to chuck them both! First, it gave me immense satisfaction to be a hands-on mum… second, we saved a bit of our hard earned money which used to go in paying their salaries!

So that’s my money-saver list so far. I know this is just a start…but hey as they say “money saved is money earned.”

What are your smart tips on saving some cash? Please let me know ’cause I know I have a lot to learn when it comes to budgeting and money management! So do write to me πŸ™‚