My life revolves around these 3, and yes in that same priority order!

Couple of my mommy friends had requested me to write about how I juggle a hectic 5 days/week work from home schedule with a super-active 10 month old baby!


So here’s the deal: Honestly I feel I pretty much suck at it, and have a long way to go in terms of getting myself organized! I take each day as it comes, but here’s pretty much my way of juggling work and baby:

#1: Work like a crazy robot when the baby naps: As soon as I put Ritwik down for a nap, I am super-charged and start multi-tasking – finishing my office emails, preparing his food, clearing house, grabbing a bite or two. This has been a complete winner for me until now…(as Ritwik is growing up into a super active toddler the nap timings are proportionately going down!) So the 1.5 hour naps now last for about 30-45 minutes…but nevertheless I try to make most of this time! I also like to finish all my back-log office work when the baby sleeps at night.Ā  Now this time is also torn between office-work + blogging (and very soon Vlogging!), but i aint complaining!Ā  šŸ˜‰

#2: Keep the baby involved in some playful activity while you work on your laptop. I try hard to keep Ritwik involved in toys or some kind of activity, but his span of attention for that play activity will last anywhere between 2 to 5 minutes, max! So I have to kinda keep a series of activities all set for him, so that I can at least do half an hour of office work!

#3: Harness him in a rocker or play-pan or exersaucer: When I have really important emails to send out, or some quick cooking to do, I harness Ritwik in a rocker or a exersaucer. That way I know he is safe, in front of my eyes and I can work super-quick without really worrying about watching his moves!

#4: I HEART babysitters: My husband, in-laws or parents come to my rescue to look after Ritwik for an hour or so when i need to really focus hard on my work projects. In this hour, i also try to squeeze in a quick shower + making baby food + having my lunch (not necessarily in that order).

#5: Work from home with LAPTOP & Baby on your LAP!: And ultimately if none of the above work (which is the case several times a day!) i end up working whilst carrying Ritwik in my arms…and over the months, i have kind of mastered the art of replying to emails while nursing him, or just having him in my lap!

So that’s my list so far. All you super moms, do let me know if you have any more tricks that i can use to my benefit! Till then, Happy Parenting šŸ™‚