Hey guys, just wanted to give you a quick update on cloth diapering my baby and why I’m happy to transit from disposable diapers to cloth diapers:

image courtesy:http://www.inhabitots.com

image courtesy:http://www.inhabitots.com

#1:Its safer, softer and more comfy for my baby’s delicate skin, compared to the disposables which most of the time leave red markings or a slight rash on my baby πŸ™ (blame the chemicals). Cloth diapers give me a feeling that my baby’s tushie has plenty of breathing space rather than being super packed.

#2: It makes my baby look ‘oh-so-cute’ and ‘oh-so-stylish’: Cloth Diapers come in super adorable prints, styles and patterns. My current fave brands are Β bumchum and Luvable friends (find my review on these brands a little later in the post).

#3:Its cheaper – (and one of my Fave 5 ways to curb our monthly expenses – read my post on that here:).
Most of the cloth diapers come with adjustable snaps, meaning you can use them on your baby from 0-24 months! (WOW!) and also keep them for your next baby πŸ˜‰

#4: Its Eco-friendly: feels good to do our bit to save the environment!A single disposable diaper takes 200 years to decompose!

A single disposable diaper takes 200 years to decompose!

I am currently using these two brands of cloth diapers:
Luvable Friends Cloth Diaper: Ordered this online for a great price (Rs 599) from Firstcry.com
I was so excited to find a good brand at such good price! The print is awesome, and my baby stays nice and dry for almost 3 hours + there have been no cases of leakage! The snap system can be adjusted to accommodate babies from 0 to 24 months old, but this one comes only with one insert. Here are few snapshots:

cloth diaper cldi

BumChum : Priced at Rs 825, they come with two inserts, and i got this super cute bumble bee print! I totally love the fitting of this one (it nicely snugs the baby’s tushie!). i ordered it online from bumchum.com. Snapshots:

clbum clo bum chum

Yay, I am so excited to revamp my diaper stash with cloth diapers! With my next pay-cheque, i am definitely going to add few more cloth diaper variants to my stash: πŸ™‚

Here’s a quick FAQ that some of my mommy-friends always have been asking me:

q. Is cloth diapering too much of a pain, in terms of washing, re-using and maintenance?

a. If you can do laundry, you can do cloth diapering! It is super easy, super simple! You just need to get the hang of it:)

q. Which inserts can i use for the pocket diapers?

a. You can use either prefolds, microfiber inserts or bamboo inserts. You can stuff in two inserts to increase the absorbency!

q. Which cloth diaper brands are available in India?

a. Bumchum, Luvable Friends, Bumgenius, Charlie Banana , Flip, Kushies, Bumberry, Econobum,Apple Cheeks and bumkins – These are the most popular brands. You can order these online, You can check out other brands onΒ  International sites that ship to India (but shipping price will make it too expensive!).

I reckon you also log on to – www.smartbaby.in – it is the best online source to know A-Z on cloth diapering!

Let me know if you have any other questions, or would like to share your experiences. Till then happy cloth diapering, and happy parenting! πŸ™‚