Wow, so finally added Bumgenius to my cloth diaper stash!

I have been doing some crazy research on cloth diapering for the past few months.
Buying a BumGenius was always on my wish list. But I was a little iffy about its price. Sure I have heard rave reviews about it, but I thought I will wait till I get my pay-cheque.

So well, here I am – proud mumma-owner of my first ever BumGenius cloth diaper. I ended up buying one of the best of the lot the bumGenius Elemental One-Size Cloth Diaper – so here’s a super quick snapshot of it –

Yes, i got it gift wrapped with a message et al! Cute, isn't it?!
Yes, i got it gift wrapped with a message et al! Cute, isn’t it?!

bumgen3 bumgen2
I use this one for Ritwik mostly at nighttime as it promises to keep the baby super comfy and dry for long hours. (And it surely lives up to its promise). What more, it is made up of all natural organic fiber, and i love the way it snugs onto my baby giving a super perfect fit without leaving behind any red marks. It is an all-in-one diaper, so i can use this till Ritwik is potty trained! It has a “no-stuff” system – so it is as easy to use as a disposable! I am glad that i washed this diaper about 4 times before using (to increases its absorbency).

If i had a zillion dollars, i would have bought like 15 of these! (Bumgenius is almost double the price of Bumchum , Luvable Friends, Thirsties)…But right now i am contended having one superstar amongst the other star diapers who are also almost at par! And frankly each one of them are really doing good so far, with no leakages or odor!

I plan to shoot a vlog on my cloth diapering stash soon. Do let me know what are the essentials in your diaper stash..till then, happy parenting! šŸ™‚