This month has been super exciting as i got busy gearing up for this big photo shoot with India’s top pregnancy & parenting magazine! πŸ™‚

The month flew by in giving a lengthy interview on motherhood, getting our clothes sorted and accessories dug out from our closets for the photoshoot! Wow…i mean think of it – Ritwik and I are gonna be on the cover page, so I needed to look every bit like a yummy mummy! But here’s the deal: my super-active kiddo keeps me super busy (and to add to this is my work from home + household chores), so I decided to do a total cheater version of beautifying myself for the shoot:

#1: Paint my toe nails: Who has time and patience to go for a pedicure?! Certainly not a hands-on mum! So I justΒ  painted pretty my toe nails. That’s my version of a mini-pedicure!

# Tame my tresses: Hair Spa + Hair Cut + Blow Dry should have been an ideal combination. But I just went to my hair-stylist to trim my flicks neat followed by a super duper speedy version of a blow dry – job done in 15 minutes flat! Woo!

#Clean-up: I am officially done with lengthy skin treatments and facials. I rather just go for eyebrow threading to look clean and tidy!

But that’s just me! You can totally dismiss my way of taking care of my beauty needs! But I feel I rather spend that time with my kiddo and feel internally happy (which ultimately will show on my face!) than getting some luxurious treatments done at a salon. And as my husband says that I look almost the same before and after an expensive treatment! DUH!

I will be posting pictures of our cover photo shoot soon πŸ™‚ So we will see! Till then, Happy Parenting!