Let me be honest. I edited this post 3 times, BUT ended up writing something extremely silly yet simple.

Draft-1: All I want this x’mas is “8 hours of undisturbed sleep!” (I also got this awesome onsie from carters to perk up my post)..but somehow it sounded meh and I just chucked it.


Draft-2: All I want this x’mas is to celebrate it at New York Times Square..sounded great..but the words didn’t come from heart. So chucked this one too.

Draft-3: All I want this x’mas is a “new me”..more organized, more patient, more multi-talented.. But this one sounded more like a resolution, and less like a heart-felt wish! Needless to say, I chucked this one too.

So what do I really really really want this Christmas?!

all-i-want-for-christmaswI’ll tell you about a little incidence that took place today, and hopefully by the end of it you will understand what I really want this X’mas!
To start off, let me put a disclaimer by saying I genuinely respect all kinds of mums (and their accordingly matching x’mas wishes) – the easy going moms, the over sensitive moms, the cool ones, the witty ones, the outspoken ones, the introvert ones, blogger moms, vlog moms, alpha moms, stay-at-home moms, work-from-home moms, working moms..etc etc. I am struggling to be somewhere in between all these mom-tags…So I would say I’m an okayish cool, sometimes super- emotional work-from-home mom who at times have to go to office! (Phew).

Today was my “working” day. Somehow I left for work with an extremely heavy heart. I was in middle of some Social Media brainstorming session when my MIL called me to say that Ritwik was extremely sad and on a hunger-strike! I rushed back home to find my otherwise extremely cool and independent boy literally jumping on me and crying. I took him to our room..he did not even want to nurse..he just hugged me tight, kept his head on my shoulder and held me in that position for 10 whole minutes. I mean that is something for a kiddo who does not even stay still in one place for a micro-second! I hugged him super-tight, and before I could realize I was crying..crying and saying sorry to my boy…sorry that mumma had to go to work..sorry that mumma can’t be with you all the time…sorry that mumma made you cry today..I explained to him why most  mommies go back to work..he seemed to be listening and understanding all of it..I hugged him even more tight, gave him like 10 zillion kisses…and suddenly he looked at me, as if pretty convinced and gave me his to-die-for smile! It made me giggle..we played on the bed..and he was back to his naughty-self..rolling and laughing..in short he was at his HAPPIEST best! I looked at him, and there! I knew what I wanted…I said to myself “Dear Santa, All I want this x’mas is to let all children be HAPPY like this, always!”

image source: goodfon.com

image source: goodfon.com

I know as kids, they will have not-so-good days.. But in the midst of all the toddler tantrums, separation anxieties, parental disciplining and struggles, let there be plentiful of Happiness, joy and laughter in every house! So dear Santa, let every infant grow up into a happy toddler, an even happy pre-schooler and further beyond! Keep on lighting up every kid’s mood just the way you did for us today. Let there be no “Y” in happYness, but “I” in happIness (thank you, Will Smith).

Dear Santa whilst you are busy working on the wishes of the witty moms and the funny moms, do remember to stuff the stockings of all our kids with countless HAPPY moments…be their guardian whilst their mums are at work, be their healer when they fall sick, be their guide when their own school teachers give up on them..because all I want for X’mas is a world full of giggling, happy babies! Amen.

courtesy: gettyimages

courtesy: gettyimages