It is always so much fun to create DIY (inexpensive!) games for my toddler son! He enjoys playing them, whilst I enjoy creating them for him šŸ™‚

These are super simple games that you can create at home. All you need is some cardboard, foam / felt papers (or any thick paper) & Velcro double sided tape (optional).

#1. Match 4 basic shapes: I cut out 4 basic shapes on a cardboard. I used foam papers for the shapes. I stuck the same paper at the back of the cardboard in order for him to recognize each shape with its color. This is a great way for them to match shapes, as well as colors. You can make it more challenging by even using same colored foam paper for all the shapes!

cardboard shapes

#2. Complete the Triangle: I made this one out of red & blue Popsicle sticks! The child has to match the right color & sized stick in the correct spot. I taped double sided Vecro at the back of each stick and on the card paper. This one is a great sensorial game too.

popsicle sticks

#3: Match the ice cream cones: A super simple, fun game to learn about different colors. A great color-matching activity. I used felt paper for this one!

cones shape

#4. Match the various parts of train: This looks so cute, isn’t it?! And my kiddo simply loved to match every shape, including the cloud and the grass!


#5. Textured paper matching: I created 4 squares with different color & texture corrugated papers. He enjoyed matching them, and i simply love the way he ponders, thinks and then matches a shape.


You can also see below my sonny boy enjoying this activity here:

#6. Matching 4 basic shapes to their ‘similar’ benchmarks: I cut out and laminated the 4 basic shapes. I drew all the 4 shapes again on a thick card paper and colored them with crayons. It gets a bit challenging for the toddlers to match “similar” objects Vs “same” objects!

Match the shapes-1

#7. Complete a shape: This is a great activity for them to understand about various shapes! I simply cut each shape into a half, and he had to complete the shapes with its respective pieces!

shape matching

#8. Shape inside a shape: As you can see in the video below, he totally enjoyed this shape matching activity. So much fun, and so easy to make!


You can also check out my youtube VLOG about these 8 activities here:

I hope you enjoyed these simple 8 DIY toddler games. Do write to me how you teach shapes & colors to your kid! Would love to hear (and add few more games in my kitty!), till then happy parenting šŸ™‚