I’m so excited to participate in the Montessori for the Holidays Series! This week I am sharing some fun, hands-on Diwali activities that you can do at home with your children 🙂

Make sure to check out all the fabulous bloggers who have participated in this series. Their details will be at the end of the post!

For now, here are some fun Diwali activities we did at home: PicMonkey Collage

Check video on my YouTube Channel for all the details:

First, we painted some earthen diyas! colllPicMonkey Collage

Next, some fun with floating candles! My son had too much fun putting the flowers and candle in the water bowl.


After that we did cutting and pasting work with hand-drawn diyas, followed with some finger painting. (My son finger painted “lights” of the Diyas with some yellow paint!)

colkPicMonkey Collage


We also make some DIY-rangoli with color salts. Once the salts were mixed with paints, we let them dry for one whole day. The next day we glued some glue onto cardboard and paper plates and my son had lots of fun pouring the colored salts on to this!


And lastly, Diwali is all about giving & gifting, so we filled these gift boxes with some dry fruits for gifting purpose 🙂


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