I am mighty excited and thrilled to FINALLY share a “work” that I have been working really hard on, for past couple of months – a comprehensive guide / curriculum / planner for you to design and plan activities for your child in a very hands-on, Montessori-inspired way!

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Sometimes we just get “stuck” and feel as if we are not giving right justice to our children’s exploratory , curious minds. Looking at pinterest and instagram gives me tons of inspiration, but it also leaves me overwhelmed. So I decided to chart down and plan a very informal, unstructured, fun, child-led curriculum for my son. Whether you are supplementing your school going child’s activities at home or currently homeschooling, this planner will serve as a great reference point. The planner is hugely inspired by Montessori, and hence it is completely flexible and child led. Follow your child always and tweak the activities accordingly šŸ™‚ That’s my mantra!

You can use bits and parts of this planner (or the planner as a whole) and / or tweak it according to what suits your child the best.

Catch this video on my YT channel as i take you through the planner in detail:

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Montessori inspired Preschool activity planner – 2016

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