This week we are focusing on some easy, fun and hands-on activities to learn all about Letter Kk. 10 letters down the line, I am now “understanding” what my son is really looking forward to. It is now getting (sort of) easy to follow his cues (or at least I think so!). For this reason, you will see that the work trays on our shelf keep changing based on what my son likes 🙂 His current favorite interests are cutting and gluing works. He also loves to paint with washable colors. So I have included these works for letter K!

PicMonkey Collage

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K is for kitten

K is for karate – block play

K is for kimona

K is for king

Letter K practice

Letter of the week folder

LOTW Poster

These activities are a part of the “Letter of the week” collab that I am doing with my awesome mommy friend, Yuliya Fruman from Welcome to Mommyhood.  Do check her blog for some amazing activity ideas and brilliant free printables! 🙂