We love Montessori culture / geography lessons. One, because there is so much thought-process that goes behind the lesson, and two – because it takes the child’s imagination level to such a high point.


I had planned to do the Montessori Land, Air and Water lesson a long time back. But kept procrastinating it for some or the other reason. Instead, whenever we went outdoors, we used to very informally talk about the 3 elements – we used to discuss how fish swim in water, birds fly in the air, and children run on the ground! I am glad I did not rush up the lesson! Like always, I listened to my son and made sure I introduce this lesson to him when he was “ready” for it.  The concept was well understood by him (and not abstract).

You can catch the entire video here:

And don’t forget to download the beautiful realistic picture cards that go along with this lesson:

Land, water and air