My fave 5 play activities for a 10 month old that really do not involve expensive toys! šŸ˜‰


#1: Peek-a-boo: Always will bring a smile on your lil munchkin’s face, no matter what! So go ahead and play hide and seek behind doors, cots, or just with your hands! Ritwik also loves to cover his face with a muslin cloth and then remove it and burst into a giggle..that’s his own version of peek-a-boo!

#2: Book reading: Experiment with various kinds – cloth books, bath books, touch and feel books, books with sounds – babies surely get intrigued by them, will flip pages and blabber as you read!

#3: Bath time fun: Fill in the tub, throw some bath toys and let your lil one splash water and enjoy being wet as you clean him/ her! I personally love to sing rhymes while my boy is playing with his bath book n squeaky toys and voila! you have a happy baby all cleaned up!

#4: Catch Catch! : Give your baby a ball, and teach him or her to throw it back to you..and you pass it back..and the fun continues! Admist all the fun and excitement your baby is also developing motor skills with this absolutely easy, and totally affordable game!

#5: Music station: Baby DJ in the house! Bring out your smooth edged pans, cups, wooden spoons and spatulas, and let your baby enjoy drumming them and creating the most melodious tune you would have ever heard šŸ™‚

So that’s my list so far…Would love to hear how you keep you lil one entertained, so do write back to me!