“Creative play is like a spring that bubbles up from deep within the child.” – Joan Almon


Power of creative play:

There is no denying the fact that children learn the best through “play”. In fact for them play is serious, play is “work” and play is something that allows them to use their natural curiosity and creativity in its most raw, unadulterated and imaginative form! A child naturally has an inquisitive, curious mind. They in fact are natural born engineers!

As parents, we can bond with our children through these creative plays. It is a great opportunity for parents to spend one-on-one mindful time with their children.

Creative play widens a child’s imagination way more compared to electrical gadgets. It allows them to explore, experiment and invent newer possibilities vs Gaming or Screen Time. Screen time provokes passive perception of imagination (meaning, “I am sitting…entertain me!”). Screen time offers very limited source of sensory experience as compared to physical or creative play which is a more “active” way of engaging a child.

Play need not always be constructive. Children also like to engage in “destructive” play and both are actually essential for the child’s imaginative growth and his “problem solving” capability. Building towers or car tracks and then demolishing those help the child to understand its “cause and effect”.

Children learn a lot through fun games, educational toys and activities with STEAM benefit. (Simply put these are toys that helps the child to learn playfully by combining Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math together. All this along with some physics, craft, language and culture too!)

Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn. –O. FRED DONALDSON

I remember growing up seeing my big brother make those beautiful hot wheel tracks and speeding the miniature cars on them! I used to be so intrigued by the whole game that very often I used to join in too! Since ages Hot Wheels cars have always been a favourite amongst children, and so many years down the road, it still remains a hit!

Through the years, Hot Wheels cars have been collected mostly by children but I know of grown-ups who love collecting them too. That’s how awesome they are.

The brand has come up with an amazing concept called #BuildWithHotWheels that enables children to build their own world with Hot Wheels by engaging in endless play possibilities – unstructured as well as purposeful play.

#BuildWithHotWheels is one collaborative, fun and educational play experience for children aged 6-14 years. This is a perfect after-school indoorsy project for children! Though I know my son loves to take his hot wheels outdoorsy too!

Hot Wheels Engineering Series allows children to:

  • Experiment with speed and gravity to push their super amazing Hot Wheels cars to the limit.
  • Play with purpose as well as experimentation.
  • Problem solve with built-in measuring tools and challenges.
  • Get creative and “hack the track system” using the package and other household items to improve their stunts
  • Challenge themselves and their friends with head-to-head races and stunts
  • Build and rebuild with the Track Builder System for open-ended play with endless possibilities
  • Play with a goal to “win” and bounce back & try again in case of a loss!

To illustrate this in a super hands-on way, Hot Wheels is collaborating with popular kids’ icon Rob who will build with Hot Wheels the way he does best – by integrating DIY that will wisely taps into children’s natural desire to create, experiment, and will also mentor them to think and work like real engineers and creative designers!


In this Hot Wheels engineering video series, Rob very creatively demonstrates how you can create a magnificent pretend & explorative desert storm play using Hot Wheels Tracks along with simple tools and techniques with materials that are easily available at home.

Rob shows a creative DIY version of crafting cacti, sand castles and a T-rex (yes a T-rex!) using thermocols, cardboards, straws and water paints (wow!).


The best part is all hot wheels track sets can connect to one another giving the children endless possibilities to build, re-build, create and re-create!


Catch this mind-blowingly creative video here: (just click on the below photo)