Earlier this year, Rob announced his collaboration with Hot Wheels where he created a series of videos with different terrains using Hot Wheels tracks and sliced it with his DIY specialty. You can find detailed articles on his DIY videos along with importance of creative play here.

Yesterday in an awe-inspiring, breathtaking event Rob took his creative genius to Phoenix Marketcity Kurla, where he used more than 50 track set boxes to create one massive track installation along with different terrains – City, Desert & Volcano.

I was super excited to attend this event with my almost 4 year old son! So we reached there an hour early to be greeted by super friendly Hot Wheels staff and some really fun Hot Wheels tracks & cars.


Young boys and girls flocked at the various stationed Hot Wheels tracks and enjoyed zooming their Hot Wheels cars on them!


The different stations comprised of fun hot wheels tracks that the children could try and enjoy. It was indeed a fun sight to watch children getting all excited seeing their cars roaring down the tracks!


The older children (all of them were huge fans of ROB & Hot Wheels) had a fun time competing with their friends at the Test Drive zones set up with original Hot Wheels tracks !


This particular track called the Drag Race Zone was set up for younger children and preschoolers with smooth flowing tracks on which the cars whizzed off just like a Santa’s sleigh swaying on ice clad mountains! Well talk about already getting into the Christmas mode 😉



That’s my little boy trying his hands at the track!


There was also a shopping kiosk set up by Hamleys right outside the main area where parents could purchase the Hot Wheels collection.


The center of attraction was the super massive track set up! The children had to zoom their cars on the tracks, and each of them got points based on the loop that their car could perform till!


The highlight of the entire show was the DIY Hot Wheels Tracks laid out amongst the beautiful breathtaking terrains. Here is the closer look:









Amidst tons of excitement, fanfare and enthusiastic young fans, Rob made a grand entry to join his young friends for a super thrilling challenge-off for each of the above mentioned tracks!




img_7910 img_7913

The best part was when the little children received Hot wheels gifts from Rob after winning a challenge against him! Nothing could beat the smile on their faces as they got their hands on their favourite Hot Wheels products 🙂


That’s not all, children also got a chance to interact and meet Rob one-on-one and click a photo!


If you missed attending this event, you can catch a glimpse of it in the video below:

We also received this amazing Hot Wheels crane as a gift!


Needless to say, my little man has been super excited about this latest addition to our car collection!


They say the joy that you give to others, is the joy that comes back to you! And that’s exactly what I witnessed in this event. The little children passing on their happiness and excitement to each other. And I guess that is what childhood is all about – those little, priceless, enchanting moments! On the eve of Children’s day all I can say is let’s try to be more like our children – full of enthusiasm, ever-forgiving, super innocent and so full of love! World will be such a better place if we keep that child in us alive, always!