Creativity and imagination has no boundaries, really! And that is exactly what DIYster Rob is proving with his really amazing #BuildWithHotWheels series. This time around Rob is defying gravity by creating a space station with Hot Wheels!


Before I tell you more about it, I want to talk a little bit about pretend plays and their importance in early learning.

Dramatic Plays / Pretend Plays form such an important part of growing up! Young children love to don various hats – be it a doctor, an astronaut, a construction worker or a car mechanic! Whatever role it is, a child shows heaps of enthusiasm whilst transforming himself from his ordinary world to an extraordinary world full of creativity, fantasy and imagination!

Benefits of imaginary and open ended plays using Hot Wheels Track System:  

  1. Young children learn a lot by exploring & experimenting. Open ended play gives them the opportunity to experiment and think outside the box! Hot Wheels Track systems allows a child to use his analytical skills and engineering capabilities to build and connect different types of tracks!
  2. Imaginary play encourages social development and enhances curiosity because children are simultaneously behaving as themselves and as someone else by getting into that “imaginative person’s” shoes! This gives them a change to explore and imagine things from a very creative angle! They can build fictional world around themselves. With Hot Wheels Track System a child can not only build various different tracks, but can also build different terrains and worlds around it – like a desert storm, a space station etc, giving the child an opportunity to be super creative and imaginative!
  3. Pretend play is also a great language builder – children can talk amongst themselves or with their parents / teachers or to oneself about a lot of things – e.g during setting up a space station the children can act as if they are astronauts! They can also discuss about various facts about astronomy and space unit! Talk about play based learning J
  4. When played in a group it teaches the child in a fun way about social skills – they learn to collaborate and work together on a project. They learn to create DIY models together (when done with parents the child can lend a helping hand by cutting the strips, gluing papers or even painting the cardboards with acrylic colours!). Playing in a group also teaches the child about turn taking, math skills, and they learn to communicate effectively with each other!

Now coming back to the #BuildWithHotWheels series, this week Rob takes us to the magical astronomical world through his Hot Wheel sets! As always he has used the Hot Wheels power booster kit which can easily be connected to other Hot Wheels track sets letting the child explore and create endless possibilities!


If you haven’t checked the previous posts in this series, make sure to check them out here!

This week’s terrain is “out of this world”, well literally! Rob very creatively demonstrates how you can create your own DIY Space station using crafty supplies and items easily available in our home!

He shows a step by step on how to create a space rocket, space shuttle, a satellite and a launcher using readily available items like cardboard tubes, cardstock papers, acrylic paint, markers, juice carton, paper cups, bottle caps, mount board and a plastic bottle! Talk about “best from waste”! He has also added few astronaut miniatures and an Indian flag to make this DIY scene look oh-so-real! Once the set-up is ready it is so much fun to mount the hot wheels tracks and see the cars zooming in this mystical space terrain!


DIY toys and scenarios help the child to get so creative. Through this video, Rob has given a few ideas on how you can build a space unit, but the child can use his own imagination to come up with endless possibilities and variations! It is amazing to see how an old plastic bottle, a paper plate or just few old cardboard boxes can be transformed in to various other shapes and forms! The whole process involves so much excitement and thrill of creating something unique and special.

This fun and educational play experience is a perfect way for children to stay creatively engaged at home. It is also a great way for parents to mindfully bond with their children.

To sum it up, Hot Wheels Engineering Series allows children to:

  1. Experiment with speed and gravity by pushing their super amazing Hot Wheels cars on different set ups and terrains.
  2. Enjoy purposeful play
  3. Experiment with various tracks and their connectors. It lets them use various permutations and combinations to create a new look every single time!
  4. Problem solve and act as an engineer! Such imaginary plays allows the child to think ahead of time, tackle problems and work through solutions!
  5. Get creatively DIY by using simple household items to create various scenarios and terrains!
  6. Challenge each other and get competitive by racing against each other!
  7. Build and rebuild different structures with the Track Builder System for open-ended , unstructured play with endless possibilities
  8. Keep trying and keep reaching their goals! And rejoice their victories!

Catch the the #BuildWithHotWheels space station video here!

If your child is a Hot Wheels fan make sure to try these lovely DIY scenarios and share a picture with us! Do let us know what else you plan to build around your own Hot Wheels Track Sets. Yes the possibilities are limitless and endless, so I am sure your children will come up with loads of creative ideas and we would love to have a look at them! My little son is currently head over heels about a car garage and petrol pump station, and I am sure this will be a definite hit in our house.

Hope this post and Rob’s video inspired you to get creative with your children. I will see you in the next installment of this series, till then keep building with hot wheels!