As we gear up for the final article in our #BuildWithHotWheels series I can’t help notice the power of repurposing and reinventing your children’s toys and gadgets. Very often children get bored with the same set of toys and invariably they lose interest in them. Through this series, Rob has time and again shown how you can mix, match and connect different Hot Wheels Sets to create endless possibilities! Not only that, but he has also shown in an extremely creative way how you can DIY crafty structures and elements to build magical worlds around your Hot Wheels Sets!


Before we move on, I just want to share some pointers to repurpose, reinvent, mix and match your children’s toys in order to make them more inviting:

  1. “Play” is the most important aspect of growing up! Play that is child-initiated and open-ended allows and encourages children to explore and make sense of their world. Children love play that provides them endless possibilities to explore and experiment! So bring out those building blocks, doll houses, animal figurines etc and let your child mix the two together to for a total open ended, creative play!
  2. If your child owns more than one Hot Wheels set, let him connect them together to experiment different permutations and combinations. (just look for the “connect your sets” logo on the Hot Wheels track sets which means that the chosen track set can smoothly connect with other hot wheels track sets giving your child endless possibilities to work with!).
  3. Build world around your Hot Wheel Sets, Legos and Building Blocks! Why limit their imagination to only their “toys” per se.

Help them to extend the play possibilities by creating some fun DIY elements with things from around the home. In #BuildWithHotWheels series Rob has given a lot of DIY ideas on how you can create different worlds around your Hot Wheel Sets. You can use these ideas for pretty much any kind of play be it building blocks or pretend plays!

In today’s final episode Rob recreates a sea world with attacks from a vicious Shark!  Not only that but he also goes on to show how to keep calm and flaunt your true colors with the Hot Wheels Color Shifters when the Shark attacks! So let’s dive in (well, literally) and find out more about this awesome terrain!


By now we know for a fact that Hot Wheels track sets have endless and countless possibilities! In this episode Rob has clubbed Hot Wheels Mega Rally and Turbo Race Track Sets with the Hot Wheels Power Booster Kit! To add to that, Rob has also used the Hot Wheels colour shifter to give this terrain a super cool and innovative touch! As always Rob has created DIY underwater elements using crafty items like cardstock papers, foam balls, push pins, cardboard, acrylic paints, ice-cream sticks, mount board, PVC Pipes, bamboo sticks etc to create a magical sea world around the Hot Wheels sets! The show stealer definitely was the Hot Wheels colour shifter! I am sure the children will love to see their hot wheels car change colours when dipped in cold water! (and come back to its original colour on contact with hot water) Wow, that definitely sounds so much fun!

Catch the the #BuildWithHotWheels shark attack video here!

With four amazing videos and terrains to look up to, I am sure you and your children are inspired to try and experiment with your Hot Wheels sets back home! If you do so don’t forget to click a picture and share it with us! I would also love to know what else you plan to build around your own Hot Wheels Track Sets. Yes the possibilities are limitless and endless and I am sure your children will come up with loads of creative, fun and spectacular ideas! So let your children put their thinking caps on and let them build, rebuild, connect and reconnect! And don’t forget to let us know what worlds are the children building around their Hot Wheels Track Sets!

I hope you all enjoyed following this #BuildWithHotWheels creative series. It surely has inspired me to try newer variations back home with my son (I am thinking of creating a Dinosaur world around my son’s track sets and building blocks.)

For now, the series concludes on my blog but make sure to check out all the amazing stunts and DIY stuff that you can build around Hot Wheels track sets by following them on their FB Page.