With the onslaught of sudden climatic changes, comes a series of flu-like symptoms, be it cold or a cough. And if you are a mother, you know that our babies and little children are always the first to get affected by these sudden weather changes. Well, there is a scientific reason for this obviously – our little ones are still building up their immunity – which is why the cold and cough viruses affect them more. But it is heart-breaking (to say the least) to see our bundles of joy all stuffy and congested and cranky. Yes, it also means that their body is fighting with these viruses (which of course is a great sign), but well we also need to give them relief so that they feel better soon.

Let’s learn how we can do it, in this article that I recently wrote for World of moms! Read the entire article here.: http://bit.ly/2DheAQk