PRESENTING: Mom-a-Thon, an exclusive, free virtual event for Moms across the globe!

Imagine being a part of an event that boasts of the best of the BEST experts from the parenting, self care & personal productivity domain! Imagine getting mentored by them – for FREE!! And if that is not enough, imagine getting amazing surprises & gifts for being a part of this event!

Well, Mom-a-thon is all THIS & more!!!! I’m so excited to invite you to this ONE-OF-ITS kind FREE virtual event that will add tons of value, goodness & knowledge inside your parenting as well as personal productivity journey!


The event starts on 16th September and will go on till first week October!!








Here are the topics that would be covered by our experts inside Mom-a-Thon: 

  1. How to ease off our parenting struggles in today’s day & age!
  2. Decoding SPD (sensory processing disorder) & what is sensory defensiveness
  3. How children can enjoy the miracles & magic of science in every day life!
  4. A live TAPPING session by an EFT expert
  5. A masterClass on creating sleep sanctuary for children!
  6. Chakras & how to tap into your intuitive power!
  7. How to raise strong-willed children
  8. Skin care & body confidence
  9. How to create a non-overwhelming routine for you & your little ones!
  10. Magic of listening to stories
  11. Safe / unsafe touch
  12. STEM & value of real education
  13. Colors & how they affect our emotions!
  14. what is emotional eating & how to not depend on it!
  15. Play Therapy
  16. Easy craft ideas for little ones!
  17. Decoding Mom Guilt!

Do you need to watch all these videos? Of course not! Pick & choose topics that resonate the most with you! You will be receiving the Mom-a-thon calendar schedule via email, so you can mark your calendar accordingly!!

Make sure you send a request to join our free FB group, where this event will be hosted!

All these amazing Mom-a-Thon FB lives, masterClasses & videos will be there inside our FB group till 16th October.

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So let’s dive into the Mom-a-thon goodness!!! I cannot wait to welcome you inside this spectacular event! And I am so excited for you to meet all the PHENOMENAL speakers!

This is such a fabulous way to add more confidence & clarity inside your life as we (almost) step into 2020!!!!

Do I hear an AMEN!!!??? Let’s do this!