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Let us make 2020 a year where we feel more:

  • healthy
  • confident
  • joyous

Inside this FREE masterClass, Dr. Aishah Iqbal, a pediatric doctor & a health coach will take us through 5 ways we can prioritize our health in 2020, especially as busy Mummas! because we know as mothers that kind of always takes a backseat!

We truly hope this MasterClass inspires you to prioritize your health in 2020 (& beyond!)

The MasterClass takes place this Friday, 20th December at 2:30 pm IST. You would also get a chance to ask questions during this LIVE session. We cannot wait to see you at this free LIVE class!!

P.S: Dr. Aishah would be our expert of the month for January 2020 inside our Members-only club MomFlix where she would be covering the following topics in form of 3 short, to the point, action-focused masterClasses:

  1. Making time for workouts (especially as mummas!)
  2. Mindset for healthy eating
  3. How to manage sleep and stress

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