<Ready to be shipped post Diwali > Spread on some merry Christmas cheer this season with this beautiful wooden Christmasy set! Children (and even you!) can use it to add some Christmas elements to your home. Children can use it for free-play, open-ended play, storytelling and much more! This set has a total of 18 pieces! There are 6 big chunky wooden pieces consisting of: 1. Santa 2. Christmas tree 3. Snowman 4. Reindeer with a sleigh 5. Children with gifts and fireplace 6. North Pole sign There are the following 12 wooden cutouts that can be used to add more fun to your Christmas activities and decor. 1. Christmas bells 2. Candycane 3. Gingerbread man 4. Christmasy owl 5. Christmasy bird 6. Christmasy penguin 7. Candle 8. Cupcake 9 & 10. stocking in two different patterns 11. Gifts 12. Merry Christmas sign This set comes in an eco-friendly cloth bag!