Fresh Start SECOND EDITION (with Lifetime access)


Welcome to the magical world of


(one of our most LOVED programs ever)!

This is the second edition –

which means it’s even more magical,

more amazing &

more focused on YOUR inner growth!

Fresh Start is an eCourse especially

CURATED for you to add in

more clarity, intention, creativity, joy,

and authenticity inside your LIFE!

Things we would be covering


(via masterclasses, journaling, & art lessons):

  1. Magic of ART & POETRY
  2. Let’s fall in LOVE with BOOKS
  3. Emotional Intelligence
  4. Falling in LOVE with TIME
  5. Cultivating CREATIVITY
  6. Nurturing your INNER CHILD
  7. Holistic wellness
  8. masculine & feminine energies
  9. Manifestation rituals
  10. Creative journaling process
  11. About your passion, purpose, self-worth
  12. How to set intentions
  13. Being MORE “YOU”
  14. Grounding rituals
  15. How to tap into our intuitive power

& much much MORE.

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As women, we get so occupied with our everyday life and it all sometimes feels “TOO MUCH”… but what if every month you have something purposeful to fall back on? To get inspired by? To help you nurture your goals, your inner growth, your health, your passion, and much much more.

I HONESTLY & SINCERELY feel everything in our life is intertwined – our health, our relationships, our passion, our work, our inner growth! And our own healing, our own self-love becomes a beautiful anchor for all of them.

And FRESH START will help you exactly with this. The anchoring of your own self-love and personal growth – so that you can cultivate the life/health/business of your dreams!

Over the years I have realized that each one of us feels this “SURGE” of pseudo-energy at the beginning of the year & we set these BIG New Year resolutions and plans and create VISION boards…..but as the year goes by, it somehow all fizzles off…ain’t it?

As the year passes by, we feel lost, overwhelmed, and out of alignment – but what if you had focused support and mentoring month on month through extremely powerful masterClasses, tools, rituals, and creative journaling? How would that help you?!

Fresh Start is all this and more!

Fresh Start is NOT just an eCourse – it is a unique support system to help you cultivate your inner journey, and intentions, implement your goals (be it for your health/biz/life, etc), and stay fiercely authentic during this entire process!

So WHAT’S included in FRESH START & how will it all work?

  • We start on 5th October 2022 (Yes! Not waiting for January 2023 for a Fresh Start….because remember our mantra is “any day is a good day for a FRESH START!”)
  • Instead of a year-long course, we will have this SECOND EDITION for 5 months & I will tell you WHY – based on my years of experience, I have observed that the energy for a group program is most potent for the first 5 months. So we will totally harness this! 5 months of a beautiful journey together……and which also means there will be a 3rd & a 4th & the 100th edition of Fresh Start too…so you can keep continuing this journey for as long as you want…..
  • You will be provided access to a COURSE portal where all the content will be hosted and you can watch, hear & read it at your own pace (the best part – you get lifetime access to the backend course portal)…
  • Every month you will receive the MOST magical recorded “MasterClass” on topics ranging from manifestation to personal mastery to holistic living to intention setting to emotional intelligence & MORE – these masterclasses will help you endlessly to feel more aligned, grounded & centered in your life.
  • Besides the MasterClass you also receive journaling prompts for the month along with an exclusive ART-LESSON just for FRESH START peeps!
  • And YOU ALSO receive monthly LUNAR RITUALS (on Full Moon day & New Moon day)
  • You also get access to a private FB group in case you want to ask questions / share your insights / connect with your fellow Fresh Starters!

All in all FRESH START is a beautiful infusion of Masculine & Feminine energies….of magic and the power of NOW…..of gratitude & desire….of poetry & art……..

Most importantly, it is FOCUSED on “YOU”……to be your soul-guide & help you fall more in LOVE with yourself… day at a time….one week at a time….one month at a time….. 🙂


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