Fresh Start eCourse (Lifetime access)


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Fresh Start is an eCourse that offers an aligned support for working on your intentions and goals and implementing them with clarity, intention and authenticity!!

This program is going to help you cultivate a sustainable goal implementation journey.

What we usually do is map and plan everything out at the beginning of a New Year and as the year passes by , we feel lost, overwhelmed and out of alignment!

But what if you had a focused support and mentoring – month on month through extremely powerful masterClasses, tools, rituals and creative journaling? For entire 2021! How would that help you?!

Fresh Start is all this and more!

Fresh Start is NOT just an eCourse – it is a unique support system to help you cultivate your intentions, implement your goals & stay fiercely authentic during this entire process!

Here’s what’s included inside Fresh Start:

  • Mentoring support throughtout 2021!
  • As soon as you sign up, you get MasterClasses, tools & resources to get you in the action-mode straight away so that you can plan your 2021 in the most intentional manner!
  • Monthly Focused MasterClass (till Dec 2021!!) so you dont just set your goals & intentions, but alsi implement them
  • Monthly GROUP coaching LIVE calls (till Dec 2021)
  • Monthly Workbook on creating your goal road-map for every month
  • Monthly Creatives & artworks
  • Private members-only support community
  • Lifetime Access

9962 in stock


Fresh Start is an eCourse especially for you to work on your intentions and goals and implementing them with clarity, intention and authenticity!!

Detailed Content covered inside FRESH START: 

  1. Reflecting on the past year through creative journaling process
  2. A MasterClass on unraveling your own unique authenticity
  3. How to set intentions
  4. Holistic Goal Cultivation & Mapping process
  5. Goal Implementation Strategies through monthly workbooks
  6. How to create your yearly vision
  7. How to discover your Word of the year
  8. Vision Cultivation Process
  9. How to create your own Vision-Movie (with a pre-made template!!)
  10. Quarterly review & reset of your goals & intention
  11. How to tap into happy hormones to help with our goal-journey
  12. How to create healthy boundaries
  13. How to tap into our intuitive power
  14. All about our very own feminine & masculine energies
  15. How to attract, magnetize & manifest in an aligned way!


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