• "Story of Diwali" introduces the beautiful Indian festival of Diwali to children.  The book is a fun, non-preachy, simple-to-read rhyming story book which talks about how five days of Diwali are celebrated. The rhyming text and colorful illustrations appeal to toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. The 24-paged book also has some fun facts about Diwali and a special sloka in sanskrit (along with its translation) at the end of the story. The simple yet delightfully told story describes how each day of Diwali brings joy and festive spirit to our homes. The book is printed on high quality glossy paper. The five days of Diwali covered in the book are: Day-1: Dhanteras Day-2: Narak Chaturdasi Day-3: Lakshmi Puja / Main Diwali Day-4: Padwa / Govardhan Puja Day-5: Bhai Dooj
  • This member-only program comes to you at an unbelievable introductory price and consists of Actionable & purposeful Video lessons , PDF Content, an exclusive members-only community and much much more! I cant wait to welcome you with open arms inside the program! SIGN-UP right now to get full immediate access to this amazing program. I cant wait to see you on the INSIDE!
  • <Ready to be shipped post Diwali > Spread on some merry Christmas cheer this season with this beautiful wooden Christmasy set! Children (and even you!) can use it to add some Christmas elements to your home. Children can use it for free-play, open-ended play, storytelling and much more! This set has a total of 18 pieces! There are 6 big chunky wooden pieces consisting of: 1. Santa 2. Christmas tree 3. Snowman 4. Reindeer with a sleigh 5. Children with gifts and fireplace 6. North Pole sign There are the following 12 wooden cutouts that can be used to add more fun to your Christmas activities and decor. The first 10 wooden cutouts will come strung (using a red & green color woolen thread) so children can adorn these on the Christmas Tree! 1. Christmas bells 2. Candycane 3. Gingerbread man 4. Christmasy owl 5. Christmasy bird 6. Christmasy penguin 7. Candle 8. Cupcake 9 & 10. stocking in two different patterns 11. Gifts 12. Merry Christmas sign This set comes in an eco-friendly cloth bag!
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    <Shipping post Diwali> This wooden Nativity set consists of 13 chunky wooden cutouts that will be enjoyed by children as well as grown-ups! Use this Nativity set to let your child know about the story of first Christmas and birth of Jesus Christ. This set consists of following wooden character -
    1. Mother Mary
    2. Joseph
    3. Angel
    4. Camel
    5. Donkey
    6. Cow & chic
    7. Sheep
    8. Baby Jesus in Manger - sleeping
    9. Baby Jesus in Manger - awake
    10. Three Shepherds
    11. Three Wise men
    12. Joseph and Mother Mary carrying baby Jesus
    13. Boy Drummer
    This is a perfect set to teach your child the wonder and real meaning of Christmas!
  • ***Pre-order: Shipping within 1-2 weeks**** Let your lil explorer enjoy moving, swaying and building up his / her gross motor skills with this fun-filled movement set! You can enjoy this set indoorsy or outdoorsy! This set serves as a perfect way to creatively harness your child's energy.  This set can come handy when your child is cranky, overwhelmed or bored. These are short breaks that a child can take several times a day, whether at home or in a classroom! Movement based play helps improve child’s gross motor skills, emotional quotient, focus. Included in this set are -
    1. 4x6 inch Animal Walk cards (16 fun animal walk cards)
    2. 4x6 inch Simon Says Command Cards (23 command cards)
    3. A fun wooden spinner with 6 mindful activities
    4. A beautiful & sturdy cloth pouch to store the cards.
    Recommended age group: 3+ years Get a complimentary cute mini cloth pouch with every order! 
  • ***Pre-order: Shipping within 2-3 weeks**** Let your child explore this unique, realistic looking planet stacker in his or her own amazing way! This stacker includes 8 beautiful planets as well as the Sun. Each planet is carved on thick chunky wood making it very sturdy. The sun is attached to the stacker rod and serves as a big sturdy base on which the child can stack the planets one above the other! The Sun is made of 18 mm thick wood, whereas the planets are made of 12 mm thick wood. Let the child stack the planets or arrange the planets in their order or just use them for open-ended, unstructured play! The options are endless. Included with this stacker is a reference planet chart with the planet names and their position. Recommended age group: 3+ years Size: 7 inch x 8 inch Get a complimentary cute mini cloth pouch with every order! 
  • ***Pre-order: Shipping within 2-3 weeks**** We all know that it is so important to help nourish our children to establish a positive attitude and mindset in order for them to become confident, happy and creative individuals! Power of spoken words is magical - for us and for our children too.  Being a child is not easy - they face many difficulties,  fears & anxieties - and as parents, teachers and caregivers we can help them through the varied emotions. We can help our children establish a strong, supportive belief system that will further help them to  internalize good values and positive beliefs from the time they are little. This positive conditioning will stay with them for life and is one of the most valuable gift we can offer to them. Positive affirmations are very powerful and can help children to nourish their inner self with positive thoughts. With this beautiful thought in mind I have designed this set which is child-led, hands-on and so much fun! Included in this set are -
    1. Set of 12 wooden affirmation puzzles. Each puzzle is of 4-6 pieces. So the idea is for the child to get to know the affirmation in a hands-on way and at the same time to keep it simple so that children of all age groups can solve it. Since the affirmations are in puzzle format, it adds an element of play, fun and exploration!
    2. Each puzzle comes with its respective Affirmation card. The back side of affirmation card has notes for parents along with some fun tasks to be done with the children.
    3. 3 fun activity sheets (focusing on good Vs bad behavior, daily responsibilities & gratitude sheet).
    4. A beautiful, sturdy cloth bag to store the cards.
    Recommended age group: 3+ years Get a complimentary cute mini cloth pouch with every order! 
  • ***Pre-order: Shipping within 1-2 weeks**** Shapes are all around us! Let your child learn about the different shapes around him / her in a fun, hands-on way. There are 9 shapes (wooden cutout) included in this set along with its real life miniature object (wooden cutout). Each shape also comes with its fact card which also includes some fun, hands-on activities. The wooden shapes and wooden objects included are:
    1. Circle (wheel, spinner & clock)
    2. Square (cracker, photo frame & tile)
    3. Triangle (Pizza, bunting banner, tri-ruler)
    4. Rectangle (Chocolate, notebook, calculator)
    5. Hexagon (honey comb, nut & bolt)
    6. Oval (mirror, egg & watermelon)
    7. Pentagon (House, bird house & road sign)
    8. Octagon (stop signal sign, watch face & cobweb)
    9. Trapezoid (Basket, lamp & purse)
    Recommended age group: 3+ years Get a complimentary cute mini cloth pouch with every order! 
  • PREORDER - WILL BE SHIPPED IN 3-5 WEEKS Children are always curious to know more about the world around them! With this amazingly open-ended set of community helpers and professions, the children can get to know some of the amazing people around us. This set includes 18 different professions/helpers, a rhyming song card for each of them along with a complimentary set of colouring sheets! The rhymes are in the tune of "I am a little teapot..." Once you purchase this set, I will email you a video link for all the rhymes included in the card set. The set has sturdy 18 wooden standing cutouts made of chunky wood, along with 29 different wooden cutouts of different elements that go along with each profession. Use it for pretend plays, unstructured plays, block plays - the possibilities are endless (check ideas for use tab for more suggestions on how you can use this set with your little ones!) Here are the professions covered:
    1. Doctor - comes with 2 cutouts of male nurse and a doctor bag
    2. Veterinarian - comes with 2 cutouts of  animals
    3. Athlete -  comes with 1 cutout of shoes and bottle
    4. Astronaut - comes with 2 cutouts of spaceship and rocket
    5. Baker - comes with 2 cutouts of baking ingredients and cake
    6. Farmer - comes with 2 cutouts of farmhouse and farm animal
    7. Firefighter - comes with 2 cutouts of fire extinguisher, fireman boots
    8. Hairdresser - comes with 2 cutouts of hand mirror, shampoo bottle
    9. Mechanic - comes with 1 cutout of toolbox
    10. Carpenter -comes with 1 cutout of tool kit
    11. Scientist -comes with 1 cutout of microscope/googles/chemical solution
    12. Gardener - comes with 2 cutouts of flower bed & wheel barrow
    13. Pilot - comes with 2 cutouts of suitcase & passport
    14. Police - comes with 2 cutouts of police dog & handcuffs
    15. Teacher - comes with 2 cutouts of children playing & a boy reading book
    16. News Reporter - comes with 1 cutout of mike
    17. Soldier - comes with 1 cutout of army van
    18. Yoga Instructor - comes with 1 cutout of yoga mat
  • PREORDER - WILL BE SHIPPED IN 3-5 WEEKS Children love stories - be it listening to them or weaving on their own! Storytelling is an art and can be a lot of fun for children as well as parents. It is also a great language building activity, be it in English or your mother tongue! With this set you can make your own stories with cute wooden miniatures!The set includes: 1. One wooden flannel board on which the prompts snuggly stick! 2. Collection of 53 wooden cutouts that you or the children can use as props for the storytelling session 3. 7 fun prompt cards and 11 colouring cards (children can use the colouring cards for their school pretend play using the school themed cut-outs used in the set). This set can be used for all age groups. The set contains following 53 props:
    1. School themed props (Teacher with blackboard, Teacher assisting a child, Child in uniform, school bus, child with a globe, child with a calendar, child painting, children keenly listening, a child with a book, music instrument, child with a sapling, child reading, child eating)
    2. Camping themed props (children at a pool, children in a tent, children rowing a boat, lantern, Van, campfire, lizard, stump of a tree, child with a basket of fruits, cupcakes, moon, pond, fish)
    3. Farm themed prompts (Farmhouse, Farmer, duck and ducklings, dog with puppies, girl with a dog, bird on a twig, child with hens, child with a pig, child with a lamb, child milking cow, bucket of water)
    4. Miscellaneous prompts (Family, Grandma -grandpa, child singing, Karate, house, mushrooms, Sun, clouds, tree, airplane, balloons, earthen pots, parrot)
    Product size: Flannel board: 12x18 Inches The 53 wooden 2d props range from a size of 6 cm - 12 cm For younger children, the parents can use the props and weave a funny story. Older children can use the props and come up with their own stories. This is a beautiful, open-ended, hands-on creation with endless possibilities. Use it as a memory game, fine motor game (it is fun for little children to stick the wooden pieces to the flannel board), I spy game, language building, storytelling, show and tell! Older children can also use this as drawing prompts. Importance of storytelling: 1. Introduces new vocabulary to the children: Listening to stories enhances a child's vocabulary. When they see pictures or figurines, their imaginative thinking broadens. 2. Enhances child's reasoning ability, listening skills, creativity and imagination. 3. Stories listened on TV or Ipad will not be as effective as the ones read from a book or told by a child! When you tell a story or encourage a child to weave his own story, you are helping them develop lot of wonderful traits that an ipad or laptop can never justify. 4. It is a fun, play-based learning activity by itself and a great way to keep children occupied while at home. It is a very interactive activity where you can build conversation and have a fun time with your child.
  • ****Pre-order: Shipping within 1-2 weeks***** Let your child explore the magnificent phases of Moon with this beautiful, wooden, realistic set. This set is an excellent tool for introducing young curious children to the phases of moon in a fun, hands-on way.  This set includes:
    1. 8 phases of moon wooden cutouts
    2. 1 Earth wooden cutout
    3. 1 huge Sun wooden cutout
    4. Phases of moon cards
    5. A beautiful, fun, easy to understand book on Moon with interesting Moon details.
    6. A complimentary A5 -sized Poster which says "I love you to the Moon & back!"
    Recommended age group: 4+ years Get a complimentary cute mini cloth pouch with every order!     
  • PRE-ORDER (WILL BE SHIPPED AFTER 4-5 WEEKS) Introduce your child to the beautiful world of letters, alphabets, and language with this fun, hands-on set! This set includes 52 wooden cut-outs (two for each letter) along with 26 beautiful, glossy alphabet cards printed on sturdy cardstock paper. Here are some fun ways you can use this set: 1. Language building activity - Have the child take out 5-6 objects from the cloth bag - ask him to name the objects one by one. Later he can even find and match the objects to the alphabet cards 2. You can introduce alphabets A-Z using the cards and wooden picture cutouts (maybe just start 2-3 letters a day). 3. Teaching phonetics / initial letter sounds 4. Story-weaving - use these beautiful, realistic cutouts as storytelling/story weaving props 5. I Spy game - Take out 3-4 objects and say "I spy with my little eye something starting with aah (making the letter sound aah)" You can similarly do this for other letter sounds too. Find more details on I spy game here. Recommended age group: 3+ years (not recommended for children who are mouthing as the set may contain small objects). This set comes in an eco-friendly cloth bag.