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    "Story of Diwali" introduces the beautiful Indian festival of Diwali to children.  The book is a fun, non-preachy, simple-to-read rhyming story book which talks about how five days of Diwali are celebrated. The rhyming text and colorful illustrations appeal to toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. The 24-paged book also has some fun facts about Diwali and a special sloka in sanskrit (along with its translation) at the end of the story. The simple yet delightfully told story describes how each day of Diwali brings joy and festive spirit to our homes. The book is printed on high quality glossy paper. The five days of Diwali covered in the book are: Day-1: Dhanteras Day-2: Narak Chaturdasi Day-3: Lakshmi Puja / Main Diwali Day-4: Padwa / Govardhan Puja Day-5: Bhai Dooj
  • This member-only program comes to you at an unbelievable introductory price and consists of Actionable & purposeful Video lessons , PDF Content, an exclusive members-only community and much much more! I cant wait to welcome you with open arms inside the program! SIGN-UP right now to get full immediate access to this amazing program. I cant wait to see you on the INSIDE!
  • Fresh Start is an eCourse that offers aligned support for working on your inner growth & self-discovery whilst also supporting you with your intentions and goal implementation process - all infused with a powerful sense of clarity, intention, and authenticity!! This program is going to help you cultivate a sustainable inner-growth & goal implementation journey. What we usually do is map and plan everything out at the beginning of a New Year and as the year passes by, we feel lost, overwhelmed, and out of alignment! But what if you had focused support and mentoring - month on month through extremely powerful masterClasses, tools, rituals, and creative journaling? How would that help you?! Fresh Start is all this and more! Fresh Start is NOT just an eCourse - it is a unique support system to help you cultivate your inner journey, intentions, implement your goals and stay fiercely authentic during this entire process! Here's what's included inside Fresh Start:
    • Lifetime access to the entire program 2021!
    • As soon as you sign up, you get MasterClasses, tools and resources to get you in the action-mode straight away.
    • Journaling prompts and workbooks
    • Creative printables
    • Adult coloring prompts & pages
    • Access to art-classes like doodling, zentangle, calligraphy, watercolor & more!
    • Private members-only support community
    • Access to a separate course portal!
  • Women Entrepreneurs Coaching Program

    Women Biz Accelerator is a soulful coaching program for women where you'll learn equal parts strategy & mindset.

    The program is based on my signature model called 3-I model focusing on three main elements:

    • Inner growth
    • Impact Booster
    • Income Generator
    As soon as you sign-up you receive -
    1. LIFETIME Access to the Biz Accelerator Lab (that has MasterClasses covering not just BIZ STRATEGIES but also MINDSET & ENERGETICS.
    2. My signature Movement Manifestation Ritual
    3. Feminine CORE activation (that will truly help you to build a life & biz from inside out!!)
    4. BONUS #1: Monthly LIVE Group Coaching calls for 18 months
    5. BONUS #2: New Biz MasterClass released every month for the next 18 months!
    6. Bonus #3: Social Accelerator Lab with plug & play content templates & graphics
    7. Bonus #4: Email Accelerator lab with Email Marketing resources plus plug & play email templates
  • Get ready to GROW your social media with ease (& authenticity) with this unique plug & play resource! Social Accelerator Lab is your one-stop-shop to get your exclusive access to prompts, plug & play templates, content ideas, graphics and more! You can use all of this interchangeably for Instagram, Facebook & LinkedIn. You can also take these ideas for your YouTube content and Twitter! As soon as you sign-up, you receive 100s of content ideas, graphics and templates - so that you can take consistent steps towards your social media growth. These templates & graphics can be easily edited & tweaked based on your niche. All the content ideas and content copy templates can be accessed via google doc and all the graphic templates are on Canva! I have over 7 years of experience in creating content that not just connects with audience but also is monetizable yet authentic! Social Accelerator Lab is my way of putting all my creativity into a beautiful course-format so you never run out of content!! What more, I will also be regularly updating the course with BRAND NEW content ideas, templates & more - so this is not just a one time thing! You will receive access to all the future UPGRADES!! PLUS you have an insanely invaluable BONUS along with the purchase of your Social Accelerator Lab! You receive "Email Accelerator Lab" absolutely FREE - this bundle has a powerful MasterClass on Email-Marketing along with plug & play  email-templates that are categorized into various segments like Welcome Emails, connection emails, sales emails & more - so you can level-up your email-game & stay consistent with it! ALSO, in future if I ever add more content to the email accelerator lab, you receive all of it for FREE! Snag this amazing deal at just 499 INR (Less than 7 USD) before I increase the price!!
  • Want to truly embody your next-level version so that you can uplevel your business? Welcome to this intensive 12-month LIVE group MasterMind that is focused on YOUR BUSINESS in the most soulful, authentic way! This MasterMind experience will help you reclaim the leader within you with limitless POTENTIALITY so that you show up for yourself, your business, and your audience in a way that is magnetic & aligned to your core business beliefs! The MasterMind is 70% Mindset & Energetics work and 30% Strategy! Every month you receive 3 LIVE CALLS: Call #1: Nervous System Ground Work, Breathwork & journaling (30-45 mins) Call #2: A new Quantum CODE / Manifestation ritual will be released every month for 12 months! (30-45 mins) Call #3: Strategy focused + Q&A (60 mins) REPLAYS will be available + you receive LIFETIME access to the entire MasterMind along with access to a members-only FB group where all the calls will be held viz zoom. This is a place for you to also ask questions, buddy-up with your accountability partners, declare your intentions & MORE! The price of this entire MasterMind is 7777 INR (paid in full). Monthly payment option available as well at 777 INR / Month for 12 months (January 2022 - December 2022 - sign up for monthly option here: https://imjo.in/Q4Z3Mj
  • Momflix members club is our one-stop shop with a host of MasterClasses, workbooks & activity printables all focused on early learning, parenting & self-care for mothers. As mothers, we have quite a LOT on our plate. We of course want the best for our children, ourselves, our family & our home. But in the hustle-bustle of our life, we often find ourselves lost, overwhelmed, and confused. And hence I have created the Momflix program to help you cut that overwhelm and your online scrolling time to hunt for resources! I have curated it all together in ONE place for you - inside your MomFlix course portal! Once you sign up you receive: 25+ MasterClasses on various topics related to parenting, early learning & our own self-care. 25+ activity bundles & printables for children All this at a super valuable price!!
  • Cultivate & THRIVE is a FOCUSED 15-day bootcamp to HELP you ACCELERATE your Social Media presence and monetize it. As soon as you sign up you receive all the 15 lessons. Inside this bootcamp, you will receive a beautiful infusion of social media strategies, mindset PLUS manifestation rituals to take your social media to the next level. I have included all of the TOOLS, strategies & manifestation rituals I have used to grow my social media following organically across FB, IG & YT to 75K+ Followers while monetizing my passion! This is NOT a learn & forget about it sort-of bootcamp. This is an initiate & implement BOOTCAMP so you see focused RESULTS from DAY-1!! Here's everything you receive as soon as you sign-up:
    1. Creating your UNIQUE IDENTITY for your Social Media Channels that will help you to STAND OUT!
    2. Creating your SOCIAL MEDIA RHYTHM.
    3. Social media optimizers & growth strategies
    4. Business activation - a manifestation ritual
    5. Business purpose - a manifestation ritual
    6. Journaling Ritual to unblock your Social Media LIMITING BELIEFS.
    7. Abundance Affirmation Ritual
    8. Behind-the scenes of my 42K+ FB Group
    9. Creating your CONTENT-CONSTELLATION
    10. Creating your very own PRODUCT-CONSTELLATION
    11. Monetizing your socials!
    12. Cultivating the story-teller inside of YOU.
    BONUS-1: Lifetime ACCESS to this entire bootcamp that is hosted on a unique course portal exclusively for our members. BONUS-2: Access to a members-only FB group for you to share your queries and your business declarations & implementations! BONUS-3: You also receive 3 very powerful group coaching calls from my 3-day BOOTCAMP called "REMEMBRANCE" which was focused on unleashing your unique business purpose. All of this for this 499 INR (Less than 7 USD!).
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    Unearthing your WHY is a powerful JOURNALING workbook that has an exercise called 7-7 ritual that will help you to explore & unravel your life purpose in the most authentic way. These are the exact same steps I followed to unravel my own LIFE purpose & why. I share the exact process of journaling I used to truly unearth my REAL why. You will gain a beautiful sense of clarity & direction for your life / biz / career after you go through this 7-7 ritual. When we keep leaning back on our beautiful life purpose, & our WHY - we start living with our highest purpose. We start living from a place of overflow, really. This powerful journaling workbook is created for one of my exclusive program, but I have it available for standalone purchase for the next 48 hours ONLY. You can grab it HERE before this offer ends forever!! PLUS you also receive an amazing VISUAL Affirmation VIDEO curated exclusively for this offer as a BONUS!!
  • This fun-filled creative Christmas digital bundle is sure to add lots of cheer to your holiday season! This bundle is perfect for ages 2-12. The activities included are: 1. Nativity dolls DIY Set 2. Christmas dolls DIY Set 3. Winter dress-up 4. Christmas Puppet Theatre DIY 5. Christmas coloring cards 6. DIY Christmas house 7. DIY Christmas village scene 8. Winter themed I-Spy 9. Visual discrimination cards / memory game 10. Logical reasoning matching cards 11. Shadow matching 12. Weave the story dice game 13. My christmas book ( a keepsake personalized book for your little one!). 14. Christmas gift tags, cards & more!!
  • This fun-filled creative Christmas digital bundle is sure to add lots of cheer to your holiday season! This bundle is perfect for ages 2-12. The activities included are: 1. Nativity dolls DIY Set 2. Christmas dolls DIY Set 3. Winter dress-up 4. Christmas Puppet Theatre DIY 5. Christmas coloring cards 6. DIY Christmas house 7. DIY Christmas village scene 8. Winter themed I-Spy 9. Visual discrimination cards / memory game 10. Logical reasoning matching cards 11. Shadow matching 12. Weave the story dice game 13. My christmas book ( a keepsake personalized book for your little one!). 14. Christmas gift tags, cards & more!! Kindly note this is a digital bundle and no physical product will be shipped.
  • This unique Diwali Digital Bundle includes 3 amazing products for our children to learn about Diwali in a fun, simple, non-preachy way!
    • "All about Diwali" during a pandemic - this fun story book gives simple facts about Diwali especially emphasizing about the current pandemic (and how it should not deter our festive spirits). This eBook comes in two variants - a PDF version as well as a FlipBook version that can be viewed on all devices! The Children will have LOTS of FUN flipping the ebook pages & reading the lines! The story book talks about the current pandemic along with the 5 days of Diwali. At the end of the story book the children get 5 fun tasks to do - one for each day of Diwali. Perfect for ages 2-10 years.
    • Diwali Activity Bundle - This is a 50-page bundle full of fun facts & activities themed around Diwali. The bundle has two sections - a printable section as well as non-printable, so one can enjoy the activities with or without a printer! The bundle has lots of coloring pages, activity prompts, math & sorting activities to name a few.
    • Mindfulness ToolKit for little Children - This beautiful resource has prayers, shlokas, yoga poses & mindfulness prompts. There are in total 15 rituals - each of them are simple, non-preachy & fun! Again comes in printable or non-printable version.
    Kindly note this is a digital product bundle. No physical product will be shipped.