Unearthing your WHY is a powerful JOURNALING workbook that has an exercise called 7-7 ritual that will help you to explore & unravel your life purpose in the most authentic way. These are the exact same steps I followed to unravel my own LIFE purpose & why. I share the exact process of journaling I used to truly unearth my REAL why. You will gain a beautiful sense of clarity & direction for your life / biz / career after you go through this 7-7 ritual. When we keep leaning back on our beautiful life purpose, & our WHY - we start living with our highest purpose. We start living from a place of overflow, really. This powerful journaling workbook is created for one of my exclusive program, but I have it available for standalone purchase for the next 48 hours ONLY. You can grab it HERE before this offer ends forever!! PLUS you also receive an amazing VISUAL Affirmation VIDEO curated exclusively for this offer as a BONUS!!