For your most amazing year ahead!!


Hello, my lovely Momma friend!

I’m Amruta Ram, founder of Mumma Diaries. As a mother, I have always loved building a strong, interactive community of mothers and relentlessly working towards bringing in more joy, productivity, inspiration and positivity in their life. “You” & “your” amazing uniqueness matters to me.

As a mother, it is easy to feel lost, feel uninspired and freaking lonely! That realization formed the very basis of “The Mom Sparkle Community”.

This amazing program is founded on 3Es – Encourage, Engage and Educate. True to its mission, this member-only course will ensure you get exclusive content, video lessons and mentor-ship for your best , most joyous and most productive year ahead, no matter what phase of life you are currently in! This program is a perfect fit whether you are a home nurturer (hate the term house wife!), work from home momma or a full time working mom ! No more struggling trying to figure it all out by yourself, come and join us and let’s make this your most successful year yet.

I cant wait to see you on the inside! xx



This is a global community of mothers like you and me who are done with the guess work and the waiting and the endless google searching, and instead need a smarter approach and real-time results to bring in more joy, productivity, purpose and authenticity in their amazing life!

This is a community for like-minded moms to come together to sparkle their mindset, achieve their goals (no matter how big or small they are!) and stay accountable towards them!

Once you join in, you get direct access to the FULL course module and a straight entry to a private, exclusive FB group! And the best part? You get a lifetime access – both to the course content and your exclusive FB group! The FB group will offer real-time check-ins, group tasks, book club and much much more, meaning you will NOT be left alone in this! We will work together as a team for life!!

WHO is this program for?

Well, it is a mothers-exclusive program and is for every mom out there, no matter which part of the world you are in and no matter which stage of your life you are in!

It is filled with content & inspiration that is relevant to every mom out there! So if you are looking for that special place to be in for your best year ahead, THIS is the place to be!

Inside our Private FB group, you will get to make real, soulful connections with other amazing mommas! You can choose your accountability partner from the excluive group and team up together to achieve goals (whilst motivating each other!).


What is waiting for me INSIDE “THE MOM SPARKLE COMMUNITY”?

  1. Twelve In-depth Modules which consist of action packed video lessons that will give you results straight away when you apply them into your life! No more running around the bushes! No telling yourself “Oh well, maybe I will get my life together next year!” Through Mom Sparkle Program you have an amazingly sparkly opportunity knocking at your door step, right now, right here!
  2. In-depth digital material and PDFs that will help you in every step of this program and beyond! All the PDF materials are editable meaning you do not have to get into the trouble of printing them out, unless you want to! I am all for ease, simplicity and non-hustle, mindful approach – and you will see this through and through inside the program!! This amazing program is also going to help you get complete clarity around what you need to do for your most authentic and joyous life ahead.
  3. Access to a member exclusive private FB group! You will not be left alone in this beautiful journey. We are into this together. The FB community will be our place to discuss, interact, reach out, encourage, vent out, inspire, cry, laugh and share our every small struggle and our every small win!
  4. Check-ins – so you stay happily accountable! We will have weekly, monthly and quarterly check ins in our FB community!
  5. Digital Goodies in the form of doodle cards, affirmation card decks and much much more!!
  6. Book Club – because the power of reading amazing books is magical! This program will turn you into a total book nerd, if you still are not! And if you already are a book lover, we will ensure you keep at it.
  7. Mastermind session – there will be one virtual / offline meet for moms of the community where we will club city-wise and have a super fun, productive and an interactive meet!
  8. Digital activity bundle for your little one!! You will receive an amazingly wonderful never-seen-before Tot Labs digital activity bundle exclusively for your little one!

Get a LIFE-TIME ACCESS to the entire course and private, exclusive community at just a one-time fee of 4950 INR (70 USD)!!! (we also have a two-part payment installment!)

Yes, just a one time (or a two-part installment) fee for a life time access! Sounds incredible, right! This is just an introductory early bird offer, so snag it before the price goes up!!

With an investment of what a family would probably spend on a few weekends, you are getting a whole lot of value, education and inspiration that will last you for a life-time!


Let’s check on the numbers!

At 4950 INR (70 USD), you are just investing 412 INR (5.85  USD) per month!

Which comes down to 14 Rs a day! (don’t even ask me the dollar rate for it!)

The DETAILS as soon as you enroll:

» Instant access to ALL video lessons & trainings.

» Instant access to all the digital sheets, PDFs and Activity bundle for your lil one!

» Straight entry to a member exclusive private FB community!

» Book Club

» Mastermind

………and much much more!!!!!!!


Here’s a sneak peek of the

modules you will get an instant access to!

Plus we will get to connect and sparkle together!

Inside the exclusive FB community, I will be right by your side, rooting for you and cheering you on! Not just me, but your other fellow Mommy Sparkles a.k.a members too!

This amazing place is our exclusive inspiration hub where you can ask your silliest questions, pick each other’s brain… Plus I’m happy to share anything and everything with you – all my struggles and wins, and the personal & business secret sauces that has led me here to create this beautiful, sustainable and passionate brand!


Here’s what some amazing Moms are already saying !!

I chanced upon Amruta’s FB group a year back and it has been an extremely positive influence in my life ever since! While there are numerous things to gain from this wonderful community that she has nurtured, I am especially thankful for the Vision Board initiative! I think we women are conditioned to put ourselves after everything else, and post motherhood we all the more tend to lose ourselves amidst the daily mayhem of managing baby, work, house and sundry chores. The Vision Board helped me to pause, reflect and focus on myself – what are the things that really matter to my personal happiness and growth; and then how do I go about realizing the same. Sending lots of gratitude and really excited for whatever Amruta has in store for 2019!
Khyati Bheda Savla

Being a Community Support Specialist (and a new mum), I was recommended by a co-worker to familiarize myself with Amruta’s work in the field of early childhood literacy nearly a year ago. At first I was simply amazed at the sheer authenticity and clarity of an Indian mother who was breaking the corporate mold and following her journey as a mindful and passionate parent to motivate and inspire fellow mums across the nation (and the world). The community of mothers that she has nurtured and continues to do so with so much wisdom, love and tenderness each and every day is deeply inspiring . But what really makes Amruta stand out is that her love and passion for supporting and guiding mothers and their little ones is astonishingly equaled with the exact amount of the best parenting tools and methods that she offers to us, all of which are meticulously and experientially researched by her. Being a part of Amruta’s community has monumentally helped me in becoming a more mindful and peaceful mother and above all a more connected, joyous and fulfilled woman. Only one word can do justice to Amruta and her offerings – EXCEPTIONAL!”❤

Sohini Trehan

A better parent
A better person
A better ME..
In short, a NEW ME!!!

I can write pages and pages that this wonderful group And Mumma diaries has done to me.

It has given me a wonderful community to rely upon, to confide in, to always refer and search to, to share my happiness, anxiety….

And to self love, to be motivated, to be positive and to take care of myself!!

Spreading lots of love, power and positivity to all!

Sukanya Narasimhan

Is this community right for me?

It’s time for your Inspired action!!

I know what it’s like to set goals + decide to inculcate good habits only to feel utterly lost in midst of life and parenting!

I know the feeling of feeling unproductive, unmotivated, unclear, lost and lonely as a mother (and craving for some mentorship and an accountable  community that understand you, for being you!).

But what I also sincerely know is how to get through that zone of doubts, inadequacy, inhibitions and apprehensions and enter an exciting zone that will help you sparkle with joy, productivity and authenticity!

I would LOVE to help you do the same, with all my heart and all my sincerity!

When you join the “Mom Sparkle Community” today – not only will you sparkle with excitement, joy and positivity but you will be in the driver’s seat and fully charged for the life that you deserve!

And I will be right by your side, cheering you on – today and always!
To your most amazing year ahead,

Amruta Ram xx