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No, currently my son goes to a Reggio-Emilia based school. And he loves it there. However, we keep doing fun activities in the evenings or over the weekend.
It is very normal to feel a bit overwhelmed and lost. Your best bet would be to follow your child and accordingly plan or create activities. Keep it simple.

In this video I take your through easy steps on how you can set up a Montessori shelf on a budget: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_0ENjFos3w

In this video I discuss about how to present Montessori activities to children and how to keep it real!

I am as time and energy starved as any other mom! Along with the madness of everyday life, I do however like to devote some time each day to plan and create activities for my son. We play with these activities whenever my son feels up for it! I like to write, film videos and create Tot Labs products whilst my son goes to school.

There are days when I feel like doing nothing. And I give myself that break. And there are days when I feel like a warrior, and try to multi-task. No single day is same here. There are happy days. There are tiring days. However in midst of all the glorious and not-so-glorious parenting moments, I try to do yoga 3 times a week! That is kind of my sanity saver.

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