Meet Tot Labs Founders

Amruta Ram – Majors in Biotechnology and Cosmetology, Amruta spent close to 7 years teaching post-graduate students along with working in a corporate set-up. After the birth of her son, she was curious to learn about Montessori and gentle ways of parenting. She left her corporate world behind to pursue her passion for early learning. She is hugely inspired by Montessori philosophy in upbringing her son. Amruta is the first Indian mother to start a YouTube channel on Montessori and early learning. Read more about her here.

Yuliya Fruman – Yuliya has two research masters degrees in International Relations and Modern History, specialsing in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. A former researcher with published scholarly articles, she now stays at home, focusing on raising her children – a four year old son and a baby on the way! Her family’s lifestyle is heavily influenced by Montessori, even if their approach to early learning is varied. Yuliya shares her adventures in raising her children in a multilingual home as well as the challenges of parenting from a wheelchair on her blog.