My Inspiration

As a child, I always loved exploring, learning, going to school (yes, you heard it right!) and anything & everything related to studies. Yes I had some very good teachers back then. But I wonder from where did I really get this “love for learning”? And the answer is my “mother”!

I remember how creatively she used to teach me (with the help of charts, blocks, craft, nature etc). She made me fall in love with the concept of learning instead of getting scared of it. Very subtly put, she actually homeschooled me even though that concept did not really exist back then!

Very frankly, she taught me much more than what my teachers at school did!

I never had to go to a tuition class, as my best and most favorite teacher was there for me 24×7 at my own home. And I am not just talking about academics here. She taught me (and is still teaching me!) how to enjoy the smallest things in life in a very passionate way. I am what I am because of her.

I feel extremely blessed to have had such an “enriching” childhood experience, and I simply want to pass this on to my son. So I decided to preschool homeschool him.

We started with simple, Montessori-inspired activities from 12 month onwards. Nothing big! Just freely exploring, playing and imagining. But most importantly, I was there for him as a “mindful” mother. And the way he responded to it was simply amazing.

He motivated me to create different learning activities for him every single day. And thus started our journey into early learning. My son gave birth to a passionate, Montessori Mom <3