The TOT LABS Difference

Tot labs is the brainwork of two hands-on Moms – Amruta Ramsubramaniam (Founder: Mumma Diaries) & Yuliya Fruman (Founder: Welcome to Mommyhood). We’re here to help you put together wonderful hands on learning activities for your children or students.

We wanted TOT LABS to be unique and hand-made (with oodles of love & passion). Since the last 3 years, we have been creating hands-on activities for our children that they have absolutely loved, and we wanted to share the joys of these activities with you.
We have been working behind the scenes for close to 2 years to develop a product line that we knew was “missing” in the market, but yet was the “need of the hour”.
TOT LABS is heavily inspired by the Montessori philosophy which believes in respecting the child’s natural curiosity and interests. Each product is carefully conceptualized, crafted and created keeping this in mind.

Each TOT LABS product stimulates the child’s natural desire to learn, explore and imagine. They inspire a child to look beyond a mere toy. We strongly believe every child is unique and special. A prepared environment with purposeful and interest driven toys and activities can enrich child’s explorative capability.

Unique Feature of TOT LABS India products:

Tot labs is more than a mere toy / educational / learning aid. It is a vision to revolutionize the early learning industry by offering products that are carefully conceptualized by Amruta and further manufactured and created by local artisans.
What makes TOT LABS unique is the material used to create some of its exclusive products. These are carefully designed and hand-crafted with hardboard wooden material, which makes it super sturdy, tangible and long lasting.
Each product is created by local Indian artisans in an industrial unit near Maharashtra (India) with lot of hard work and love! By choosing to purchase our products you are helping us to help these extremely skilled and lovely Indian artisans to work and earn a livelihood. Not to mention you are fostering a joyous learning and explorative journey for your child.

Hand – Crafted for you !

The end product of this manual, tedious and labor-intensive creative process is a product that is extremely hands-on, sturdy and real! These wooden products allow the little hands to touch, feel and explore them!

What we aspire to achieve for “YOU” through Tot Labs:

We strive to make learning activities hands on, purposeful, and most of all fun as we feel passionately about encouraging a love of learning in children. That is the purpose and the inspiration behind Tot Labs – to help others foster a true love of learning by creating fun, engaging, and beautiful products.

We like to call TOT LABS our little bundle of joy. When you receive your TOT LABS goodie, we want you to feel the same. We want to pass on this joy of early learning to you and your child.

If you have any queries, feedback or suggestions regarding Tot Labs, feel free to write to me on

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